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Eat the Storms, the poetry podcast, hosted and produced by Irish poet Damien B Donnelly, now on 12+ platforms, provides a space for international voices in poetry and spoken word. The podcast is a platform for diversity of theme, accent and experience with submissions open to everyone from award-winning poets to spoken word performers to poems on unpublished pages.

Each season runs for an average of 15 episodes with a 6/8 week break between seasons and the podcast is always interested in finding new voices. Unless specified (Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Pride) there are no themed episodes.

Unfortunately, as this is a non-profit platform, with no funding, I do not pay guests to be on the podcast, but, in my own spare time, I will promote your appearance on social media and on the Eat the Storms weekly blog.

As this is a one man show, I like to keep it intimate and connected and therefore as a new rule, do not deal with agents, nor, as mentioned above, talk of fees. I also don’t get paid.

As a guest, I promote each new episode on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and would appreciate you sharing any or all of these promotions on your own social media platforms so as many people know about your appearance and, in doing so, we interconnect with each other’s followers and promote healthy growth.


After a brief email, telling me a little about yourself and your writing and a link to one or two poems, I will need the following…

1) Audio recording (8 mins max, including a brief introduction and reading)

2) Bio in Third Person

3) Social media handles/website links

4) Profile photo and/or photograph of collections

all to:

If you’ve previously been a guest on the podcast, you are welcome to simply send a new audio recording for the next season, along with any updated photos or bios or social media handles. we love returning Stormers.

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12 responses to “Join the Stormers”

  1. I would be happy to do some audio for you, if there is space ?


    1. Yes, yes, yes. Please do Faith ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•


  2. Hello Damien!
    First of all I just want to say I recently discovered your podcast and you and your poetic pals have been keeping me company on my daily commute. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
    I recently started to write poetry for the first time in my life (I’m 32).
    Only my best friend and my therapist have heard all of my poems . I have selectively shown my husband one or two aswell.
    I would love to contribute to your podcast. At present I haven’t shared my poems on social media so I don’t have any handles to share.
    Can I still send you some of my work?
    Many thanks
    And stay bloody poetic โ˜บ


    1. Hello Aileen, of course you can. The podcast is for everyone, at all stages and I am all in support of new voices joining us. Send along the audio, bio and photo and letโ€™s add you to the guest list for next season. With delight. Cheers Damien, and I am delighted to hear you are enjoying the podcast ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


      1. Damien thank you so much. I really can’t believe it. Should I send one audio with intro and read straight through the poems or should they be separated clips? I noticed most poets read three or four poems. Do you have any guideline?
        I appreciate you coming back to me so positively.
        Yours Sincerely


      2. Hello Aileen, if you can drop me an email and I will give you some guidelines. Cheers Damien


  3. I would like to contribute!

    I have a medium site and post regularly on Twitter and Mastodon (davgar51).

    There are also poems of mine at

    I am late career & early career: been writing since I was 17 nothing much published till 30 years ago when I co-founded a poetry group in Reading (UK), now I am retired I am writing and publishing more.


  4. I might be interested in this. After I submit the items you ask for, would the actual podcast be live? Or would you use the audio I send on the podcast?
    Thanks! It sounds like an exciting project.


    1. Hello Kay, itโ€™s all prerecorded to reduce any amount of stress. At Storms, itโ€™s praise, not pressure. So yes, I use the audio you send me. Delighted to hear from you, Dami


      1. I’ll think more about this and let you know. Thanks for getting back with me.


  5. Oh oh oh! I do have a chapbook coming out in May. You might have heard… anyhow,if you’ve got space, I’d be really excited to storm again.


    1. A bird may have whispered something, or even slipped me pages and oh, such wings this chapbook has! My storm is your storm, all time, any day ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’•


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