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The Gull and the Bell Tower – Kari Flickinger

This collection brought me back to jazz nights at Le Duc des Lombards in Paris in the late 90s with its strained light, stifling smoke and those journeys the sounds took me on; joyous, jerking, juvenile, gyrating, discombobulating, dysphoric, destructive, devouring, divine, the mind always running after that next note, never quite able to identifyContinue reading “The Gull and the Bell Tower – Kari Flickinger”

Mamiaith by Ness Owen

‘Begin with fearlessness…’ from the poem How to Begin Mamiaith by Ness Owen There is a deep sense of loss in the opening poem to Ness Owen’s Mamiaith (Welsh for Mother Tongue) but it is delicately laid down with a hope for rebirth; a memory planted within the roots so we can look out theContinue reading “Mamiaith by Ness Owen”

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