Katie Proctor is only 17 and yet already understands her position within the universe and how precarious that is and how it changes, how sometimes you sleep next to the stars and other times you’re left alone hoping that very star is whispering your name on her tongue, in another time and place- ‘you, with your letters stamped and waiting for me, covered in stars and moonlight.’

She knows the feeling of a bed too big for one body- ‘cold with the memory of the night before’ but doesn’t run from it, instead she turns into it and dreams of- ‘better Tuesdays.’  And that is just how this collection flows; with dreams of better days while holding the memory of the ones that have slipped from our lips.

There is a considered acknowledgement here of our insignificance within infinity; that moments are indeed fleeting, an acceptance usually reserved for a much older person but it is here, within the lines; light realisations of how things flit and fade- ‘before temporaries became today’s permanents and we burned kindred spirits, soulmates.’

In the final poem, also entitled Seasons, we find hurt positioned next to a realisation that it is possible to pick the pain ‘out from the fabric of your being with those tender fingers.’

The message is to get up, go out, embrace all that might happen, for tomorrow it will all change again. Love the summer, winter will fall, but there will always be the promise of another spring. This collection unfolds with the best of each season and is made all the more hopeful in the knowledge that someone so young already has learnt how to make the most of a spark before it all flashes out.

This collection is so fresh you literally feel the soothing breeze take you through its twists and turns and struggles and acceptances and you’re left feeling all the better for having read it, like a summer shower after a heatwave. Seasons comes with all sensations and Katie Proctor has them all beautifully bundled up in here.

Seasons is published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. You can find Katie on Twitter and instagram at @Katiiewrites to buy her collection.

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