Thicker than Water; Jane Dougherty

‘And when I taste the taste of you, it is the layered shell sprinkled-tang of all recorded time.’ The quote above is the last line of the 1st poem in Jane Dougherty’s debut collection, a collection that opens straight away into the sea’s water and the air’s rain falling onto the earth with its roughContinue reading “Thicker than Water; Jane Dougherty”

The Gull and the Bell Tower – Kari Flickinger

This collection brought me back to jazz nights at Le Duc des Lombards in Paris in the late 90s with its strained light, stifling smoke and those journeys the sounds took me on; joyous, jerking, juvenile, gyrating, discombobulating, dysphoric, destructive, devouring, divine, the mind always running after that next note, never quite able to identifyContinue reading “The Gull and the Bell Tower – Kari Flickinger”

The Woman With An Owl Tattoo – Anne Walsh Donnelly

Anne Walsh Donnelly opens her chapbook The Woman with an Owl Tattoo, published by Fly on the Wall Press, with the no-holes barred, blaring, bold Guide to Becoming a Writer, a poem that documents a life in change, in search, in turmoil, in the depths of despair, indivisible from the pen. And we instantly knowContinue reading “The Woman With An Owl Tattoo – Anne Walsh Donnelly”

Spectrum of Flight – David Hanlon

I can remember, creeping down the stairs, after midnight, my parents sleeping, my heart trying to break out of my ribcage, turning on the tv as the sound of my breath rose beyond control, turning down the volume and clicking on to Channel 4 to watch Derek Jarman’s Sebastiane as nerves stuck like knives inContinue reading “Spectrum of Flight – David Hanlon”

Eat the Storms- Damien B. Donnelly

My debut poetry pamphlet collection is called Eat the Storms and was published on the 17th September 2020 by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. In 2019, while still living in Paris, I was one of three winners of the White Label Debut Poetry Pamphlet Collection and this collection is that winning dream come to life. ‘IContinue reading “Eat the Storms- Damien B. Donnelly”