Adele Cordner – The Kitchen Sink Chronicles

A descent into the mayhem of a crisis, coming to terms with Covid concerns in The Kitchen Sink Chronicles, looking out for holds of hope, wishing for buds to blossom, to refill what the shelves no longer offer before the bough breaks and it comes down to all but a cradle of wood, no ketchup & only birds who get to see the Savannahs now.

Adele Cordner’s poetry pamphlet, The Kitchen Sink Chronicles, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press with perfectly fine lines of fragile illustrations by her daughter Florence Cordner, is an unmissable account of a family’s journey as they reshape the landscape of their everyday lives between mid-March and the end of August 2020.

Loo roll shortages, no ketchup in the cupboards and bland beige blobs left behind on supermarket shelves instil these poems with a fear that only yesterday we would have thought was a joke and yet Adele never lets the words drown in despair but moves through familiar settings of front lawns, back gardens, shopping aisles, now fitted out with invisible booby traps, with the resilience a mother needs to hold onto, regardless of the situation in order to protect her family, the falling trees and the baby birds, lost to their position.
Beyond the numbers that eventually came to numb us and the pre-prepared speeches that washed over our skin quicker than any invisible deathly dust, these poems pull us in to the everyday concerns; house bound, bubble bound, the worries that came before Covid; road accidents, crashes, broken dishwashers, children’s illnesses, distance from family members and the gentle release occasionally found in unexpected places; dropping your hand into the soft tide to let things wash away.

This is a brave account of a terrifying time told with compassion, consideration and that resilience that keeps us all breathing. This is an invite to come inside a home and, having been kept away from other homes but our own for so long, how can we refuse not to pull up a chair in this kitchen and listen to the tale of how it all unfolded.

Check out Adele Cordner’s website for more info and to buy the book…

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