Poetic Treats from 2021

Some of the poetry collections and pamphlets that arrived this year to ensure my life at Storms Stayed Bloody Poetic

Loud Stigma, Silent Leaf from Martin McKenna
Eat or We Both Starve from Victoria Kennefick
Unmuted from Nigel Kent
Dawning from Mary Ford Neal
Confetti Dancers from Sue Burge
I always wanted to be a Bond Girl
from Ryan Norman
Under Photon Crowns from Dai Fry
Under a Mind’s Staircase from Robin McNamara
The Kitchen Sink Chronicles from Adele Cordner
Splinters from Charles K Carter
Earth Magicke from Margaret Royall
And Drought will Follow from Lee Potts
Whalers, Witchers and Gauchos from Julie Irigaray
Art of Insomnia from Peter A
Solastalgia from Brian McManus
Pale Mnemonic from Stuart McPherson
An Capall Dorcha, anthology issue 3
Death Magazine from Matthew Haigh
Mind Mathematics from Elizabeth Kelly
Feverfew from Anna Saunders
The Water Engine from Ankh Spice
The Machinery of Life from Darren J Beaney
Walking off the Land from Anne McMaster
Sherry and Sparky from Maureen Cullen and Patricia M Osborne
2 Meter Review Winter Edition 2021 anthology
Stickleback from Jack B Bedell
Dark Confessions and Freedom-Rapture anthologies from Black Bough Poetry
This Kilt of Many Colours from Davis Bleiman
These are not my Dreams and anyway nothing here is Purple from Michael Conley
Eden from Robert Frede Kenter
After the Riot from Neil Young
Christmas & Winter edition vol 1 & 2 anthologies from Black Bough Poetry

Make sure your Christmas Stays Bloody Poetic🎄

One response to “Poetic Treats from 2021”

  1. Wow. Fabulous books, Dami. Thank you for including Sherry & Sparkly.

    Liked by 1 person

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