Eat the Storms – The Poetry Podcast – Episode 2 -Season 2

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This episode aired on 30th January 2021 and I was joined by poets Phil Vernon, Cathy Carson, Barbara Mercer and A.R. Salandy. The links to their websites, blogs or Twitter pages are all listed below…

Phil Vernon is on Twitter at He is the author of A Quieter Shore published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press and Poetry after Auschwitz published by Sentinel Poetry and there is an interview with Phil and Sentinel right here…

Click to access phil-vernon-slq-monday-writer-30-november-2020.pdf

You can buy Poetry After Auschwitz here…

And you can read more of Phil’s poetry on this website here…

And on YouTube you can hear Phil’s Daughter, Paksie Vernon, read his poem El Tres de Mayo

Barbara Mercer is one of the organisers of Dragonflies Spoken Word and blogs at WordPress here…

You can follow her writing on Facebook here

And for Dragonflies SW events check them out on Twitter at

Cathy Carson is on Twitter at and Cathy will perform next week at Crafty Crows on Feb 3rd 2021 from 19.00 GMT and the link is below…

AR Salandy is on Twitter at and is the Co-Founder/EIC of Fahmidan Journal @fahmidanjournal (twitter/instagram). Anthony has 1 published chapbook titled ‘The Great Northern Journey’ published by Lazy Adventurer Publishing available here…

You can find his website here…

Here are the links to the poems Anthony read today…

Oma’ The Daily Drunk 12th July 2020

‘Stormy Weather’- Clay Literary September 13th 2020 Online

‘Heartland’ Anser Journal October 14th 2020 Online

‘Subjugation’- jfa Human Rights Journal October 28th 2020 Online

My Stickleback poetry collection is available to buy here…

My debut collection Eat the Storms is available here…

If you have questions, comments, improvements, desires to be a guest poet on the show, then please drop me an email at

Until next time… Stay Bloody Poetic!

Damien B Donnelly

5 responses to “Eat the Storms – The Poetry Podcast – Episode 2 -Season 2”

  1. […] Eat the Storms – The Poetry Podcast – Episode 2 -Season 2 — Eat The Storms […]


  2. So many wonderful and memorable poems and poets in this podcast, Damien. It is wonderful that I am starting my day thinking of daffodils and dancing–somehow those two poems stuck in my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daffodils and dancing- delicate and simple and yet it’s been so long! It’s lovely to see at least the shoots returning even if they are extraordinarily early. And as for dancing, well, a soft shuffle around the house every now and then gets you through. Hope you’re well my friend ☘️💚


      1. We had a bit of snow…only a couple of inches. It turned into frozen rain and ice pellets, so was not at all suitable for snow angels, alas. I am doing well, though must confess that I have been dancing on my own, to borrow the words of the song initially released by Robyn, though I prefer the cover version sung by Calum Scott. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Happy to hear about the dancing 👏👏sorry to hear about the pellets 🤭🤭


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