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This episode aired first on Saturday 11th September 2021. The guests were Lucy Holme, Charles K Carter, Anne McDonald, Clifford Brooks and Loukia Borrell, produced and hosted by Damien B. Donnelly. Below are details and links to all the guest stars…

Lucy Holme

Lucy Holme is originally from Kent in the UK and now lives in Cork City, Ireland. After a career spanning thirteen years working in the private yachting industry, during which time she trained as a wine sommelier and worked as a chief stewardess and yacht purser, she made Ireland her home in 2013. Having always written as a child and young adult, she intended to become a journalist, but after graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in English Literature and language she spent a summer working in the villas of the  South of France which then led to discovering the yachting industry and international travel. Upon ‘retirement’ from yachting she continued to work in the wine industry and then took time to concentrate on raising her three small children. A resurgence of creativity occurred in 2019 and she has been writing ever since. She has been published in over 20 journals since May 2020 and her most recent work can be found in Crossways, The Cormorant Broadsheet, The Liminal Review, Beirbua, Púca Literary Journal and Tír na nÓg. She has poetry forthcoming in Southword, An Capall Dorcha, and Black Bough Poetry’s Christmas & Winter Edition 2021 and 2022. This summer she was fortunate to have been a recipient of a Munster Literature Centre Mentoring Fellowship under the expert tutelage of the poet Grace Wells, with whom she worked on her first manuscript. The resultant as yet untitled colelction will be published by Broken Sleep Books in August 2022 and next month she will begin a Masters in Creative Writing at UCC. And last week she found out that a poem of hers has just been accepted by Poetry Bus.

You can find Lucy on Twitter

Read the Quick 9 Interview with Lucy at Fevers of the Mind

Anne McDonald

Anne McDonald is an award-winning writer and spoken word poet. She has performed in theatres in Dublin and London as part of a Women Of Wit collective and is a regular reader on open mic nights in Ireland, the US and the UK. Anne has had writing published in print journals and online publications and broadcast on RTE radio. Her first collection of poetry “Crow’s Books” was published in March 2021.

You can find Anne on Twitter at

Follow Anne at Creative Thinking

You can find Crow’s Books at

Charles K Carter

Charles K Carter is a queer poet and educator from the American Midwest. He shares his home with his artist husband and their spoiled pets. He enjoys film, yoga, and live music. Melissa Etheridge is his ultimate obsession. Carter has an MA in creative writing with a poetry concentration from Southern New Hampshire University and an MFA in writing from Lindenwood University. He is a volunteer video curator for Button Poetry. His poems have been featured in several literary journals. He is the author of the chapbooks Chasing Sunshine (Lazy Adventurer Publishing), Splinters (Kelsay Books), and Salem Revisited (WordTech Editions). His first full-length collection will be released in 2022. 

Charles is on Twitter at and Instagram at @CKCpoetry

You can follow Charles at his website

Salem Revisited may be found on the publisher’s website:

Clifford Brooks

Clifford Brooks is a poet, teacher, and founder of the Southern Collective Experience. Editor in Chief of The Blue Mountain Review and host of NPR’s Dante’s Old South, he teaches courses on creative writing, the business of art, and living with autism. His major collections of poetry are available anywhere books are sold. His complete collection is only available through him.

Clifford is on Twitter at

You can follow Clifford at his website

You can find out more about Southern Collection Experience at

To find out more please email: 

Loukia Borrell

Loukia Borrell is the American-born daughter of Greek-Cypriot immigrants. A native of Toledo, Ohio, she was raised in Virginia Beach. She has a bachelor’s degree in English/journalism from Elon University and is a former journalist. Her poetry and essays have appeared in The Washington Post,, West Texas Literary Review, Blue Heron Review, The Mark Literary Review, and elsewhere. She is the author of three books Raping Aphrodite, Delicate Secrete and The Words Between Us.

Loukia is on Twitter at

Read more form Loukia at Neurological at

Upcoming Events

From Opposite Ends of the Earth 2

The first International Page and Stage event brought together poets from New Zealand and Northern Ireland. The second event “From Opposite Ends of the Earth 2” will see poets from Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and Singapore of different styles and genres reading and performing live on Zoom.

Poets/Spoken Word Artists

Host – Sophie Procter – New Zealand

David Braziel – Northern Ireland
Texture – Scotland
Shane Hollands – New Zealand
Miriam Larsen-Barr – New Zealand
Renee Liang – New Zealand
Shu Hoong Yong – Singapore
Damien B Donnelly – Ireland

Tune in this Sunday at 10.30am EST on Facebook…

Eating the Storms

Eat the Storms, my debut poetry pamphlet, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press, turns 1-year-old on 17th September 2021 and to celebrate I am hosting an evening of Poetry Prose and Friends on zoom starting at 7.30pm Eastern Standard Time with free tickets now available on Eventbrite via the link below. I am hoping this will be the first of many events of sharing voices as I couldn’t invite everyone to read on just one evening and besides, much better to have many parties instead of just one…

Damien B Donnelly, Producer, Host and Poet

Damien B Donnelly returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam, working in the fashion industry as a pattern maker for various brands including Calvin Klein, & Other Stories, Pepe Jeans, Reiss and G-Star. His writing focuses on identity, fragility and connection. His interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get back up while baking delicious cakes. His work had been published in numerous journals online and in print including Black Bough Poetry, Barren Magazine, Anti Hereon Chic, Icefloe Press and The Bangor Literary Journal. His debut poetry pamphlet Eat the Storms, which was featured on the Poetry Book Society Winter List 2020/21 and his Stickleback micro collection Considering Canvases with Boys were both published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. His next collection with be a conversation pamphlet he co-wrote with fellow Irish poet Eilín de Paor called In the Jitterfritz of Neon. He is currently finishing his first full collection documenting his love affair with Paris called Enough!

He is on Twitter at and instagram at @damiboy

You can follow him and buy his Eat the Storms debut pamphlet and his Stickleback micro collection at is website

Backing music for Eat the Storms is from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music, with thanks…

You can find us on many platforms including Spotify and here is the link…

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