Eat the Storms – The Podcast Podcast – Valentines (Or Not) – Episode 12 – Season 4

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This episode aired first on Saturday 14th February 2022. The guests were Sue Finch, Lennart Lundh, Kyla Houbolt, Patricia M ObEilín de Paor, Lynn Valentine, Gaynor Kane and Aisling Keogh, produced and hosted by Damien B. Donnelly. Below are details and links to all the guest stars…

Sue Finch

Sue Finch lives with her wife in North Wales. Her first published poem appeared in A New Manchester Alphabet in 2015 whilst studying for her MA with Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work has also appeared in a number of online magazines including: The Interpreter’s HouseInk, Sweat and Tears, iamb, Dear ReaderOne Hand Clapping and IceFloe Press. Her debut collection, ‘Magnifying Glass’, was published in October 2020 with Black Eyes Publishing UK.

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Lennart Lundh

Lennart Lundh is a poet, short-fictionist, historian, and photographer whose work, including twenty-three poetry titles, has appeared internationally since 1965. His most current books are two self-published volumes in the Poems Against Cancer annual series, which has raised funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation since 2014; Pictures, Postcards, Letters (Kelsay Books, 2020); and The River Singing (Workhorse Writers Press, 2019). Lennart books can be found at his Etsy and on Amason with links below.

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Kyla Houbolt

Kyla Houbolt (she, her), born and raised in North Carolina, currently occupies Catawba territory in Gastonia, NC, USA. Her first two chapbooks, Dawn’s Fool and Tuned were published in 2020. More about them on her website, Her individually published pieces online can be found on her Linktree: @luaz_poet | Linktree. Dawn’s Fool is still available from Ice Floe Press, and Tuned from Sedition Editions/CCCP Chapbooks. 

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Her chapbook Tuned is available here

Dawn’s Fool is available here

Eilin de Paor

Eilín de Paor lives in Dublin and works in health and social care. Her poems have appeared in Ink, Sweat and TearsThe Stony Thursday BookThe Waxed Lemon, The Bangor Literary Journal, AbridgedAn Capall Dorcha and Dedalus Press’ Local Wonders Anthology, among other publications. Her debut pamphlet, ‘In the Jitterfritz of Neon’, a collaboration with poet Damien B. Donnelly, was recently published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press.

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Link at end of page for In the Jitterfritz of Neon

Patricia M Osborne

Patricia M Osborne is married with grown-up children and grandchildren and lives in West Sussex. In 2019 she graduated with an MA in Creative Writing. She is a published novelist, poet and short story writer. Her short stories and poems have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies and the final instalment of her House of Grace family saga trilogy was published March 2021. Taxus Baccata and The Montefiore Bride (Poetry pamphlets) were published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press 2020.

She has a successful blog at where she features other writers and poets. When Patricia isn’t working on her own writing, she enjoys sharing her knowledge, acting as a mentor to fellow writers.

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Aisling Keogh

Aisling Keogh is a writer and psychotherapist, who lives in County Galway. Her short stories have been published with The Irish Independent, The Honest Ulsterman, Crannog Magazine, Wordlegs, Ropes, Bangor Literary Journal, A New Ulster, and anthologies in the U.K. and the U.S.A. Her first published short story, “How to Save a Life,” was shortlisted for the Hennessy Irish Literary Awards 2012, and in 2019 she was shortlisted for the Doolin Writer’s Weekend Short Story Competition. In 2020, she was selected, as one of three emerging writers, to read at the New Writers Showcase, as part of Cuirt International Festival of Literature, and has recently finished writing her first novel.

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Lynn Valentine

Lynn Valentine’s poetry and flash fiction have been published in a variety of online and print journals including 192 Magazine; Anti-Heroin Chic, Atrium, The Beach Hut; Black Bough Poetry; The Blue Nib; The Broken Spine; Dreich; Firth; Green Ink Poetry; Ink, Sweat and Tears; The Island Review; Lallans; Mineral Lit mag; Northwords Now; Poetry Scotland. She was one of five North of Scotland poets chosen by the Scottish Poetry Library’s guest curator Aoife Lyall in 2020 to write a poem on the theme of vision and was Black Bough Poetry’s featured poet in the Silver Branch series in February 2020. She was the winner of The Hedgehog Press Poetry Dialect Competition 2020 (winner) for her pamphlet A Glimmer O Stars and the Cinnamon Press Literature Award Winner in 2020 who will published her collection Life’s Stink and Honey available for purchase at her website or from Cinnamon Press, Waterstones and other sellers.

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Gaynor Kane

Gaynor Kane is from Northern Ireland. She came to writing late, after finishing a degree with a creative writing module. Her full collection, ‘Venus in Pink Marble’ was released on her 50th birthday in 2020, published by the Hedgehog Poetry Press. She has three other publications, from that press: a micro collection, ‘Circling the Sun’ (2018), about the early aviatrixes, a chapbook, ‘Memory Forest’ (2019), about burial rituals and last wishes, and a co-authored chapbook of pandemic poetry ‘Penned In’ (2020).Her forthcoming chapbook of love poems ‘Eight Types of Love’ is due to be published in February 2022. Her poems have earned places in several competitions. She has been guest editor of the Bangor Literary journal and has also performed at several festivals, including the Belfast Book Festival, Stendhal Music and Arts Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

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Upcoming Events

In the Jitterfritz of Neon, a conversational poetry pamphlet

In the Jitterfritz of Neon, a conversational poetry pamphlet by Eilín de Paor and Damien B Donnelly published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press is available to buy here…

Damien B Donnelly, Producer, Host and Poet

Damien B Donnelly returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam, working in the fashion industry as a pattern maker for various brands including Calvin Klein, & Other Stories, Pepe Jeans, Reiss and G-Star. His writing focuses on identity, fragility and connection. His interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get back up while baking delicious cakes. His work had been published in numerous journals online and in print including Black Bough Poetry, Barren Magazine, Anti Hereon Chic, Icefloe Press and The Bangor Literary Journal. His debut poetry pamphlet Eat the Storms, which was featured on the Poetry Book Society Winter List 2020/21 and his Stickleback micro collection Considering Canvases with Boys were both published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. His next collection with be a conversation pamphlet he co-wrote with fellow Irish poet Eilín de Paor called In the Jitterfritz of Neon arriving on the 17th Jan 2022 which will be followed by his first full collection documenting his love affair with Paris called Enough!

He is on Twitter at and instagram at @damiboy

You can follow him and buy his Eat the Storms debut pamphlet and his Stickleback micro collection at is website

Backing music for Eat the Storms is from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music, with thanks…

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