Eat the Storms – The Podcast Podcast – Episode 7 – Season 3

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This episode aired first on Saturday 21st August 2021. The guests were Ryan Norman, Kitty Donnelly, Colin Bancroft, Moyra Donaldson, Tara Elliot, David L O Nan and Champion Things, produced and hosted by Damien B. Donnelly. Below are details and links to all the guest stars…

Ryan Norman

Ryan Norman is a small town queer kid, who escaped the mountains only to return years later to write about them. He is a contributing creative nonfiction editor at Barren Magazine and produces as many essays that his brain can muster in a year. His work is published widely, and has been nominated for inclusion in the Best Small Fictions anthology and the Pushcart Prize. His hybrid micro chapbook of poetry and micro fiction is titled I Always Wanted to be a Bond Girl with daily Dunk Press and his poetry chapbook soon to be released and now ready to pre-order is Cicada Song published by Finishing Line Press.

You can find Ryan on Twitter

Follow Ryan via his Website at

Here is the pre-order link for Cicada Song

Here is the link for I Always Wanted to be a Bond Girl

Kitty Donnelly

Kitty Donnelly’s first collection, The Impact of Limited Time, was published by Indigo Dreams in 2020. She has recently had poems featured in The Honest Ulsterman, The Rialto & Ink Sweat and Tears. Her background is Northern Irish and she lives in West Yorkshire where she works as a psychiatric nurse, an animal rescuer & also does the occasional house clearance. She won a Creative Future Award in 2019 & has an MA in Creative Writing from MMU. 

Kitty is on Twitter at

The Impact of Limited Time is published by Indigo Dreams Publishing and available here

Colin Bancroft

Colin Bancroft is currently in exile in the North Pennines where he is finishing a PhD on the Ecopoetics of Robert Frost. His pamphlet Impermanence was published by Maytree Press in 2020 and he runs the poetry information site Poets’ Directory and also the publishing press Nine Pens

Colin is on Twitter at

Impermanence is published by Maytree Press

For a direct link to Poets’ Directory click here

For the latest on Nine Pens and its published poetry pamphlets click here

Moyra Donaldson

Moyra Donaldson is a poet and creative writing facilitator from Co Down. She has published nine collections of poetry, Snakeskin Stilettos, Beneath the Ice, The Horse’s Nest and Miracle Fruit, from Lagan Press, Belfast and an American edition of Snakeskin Stilettos, published in 2002 from CavanKerry Press. Her Selected Poems and The Goose Tree, were both published by Liberties Press, Dublin. Moyra has also collaborated with photographer Victoria J Dean, resulting in the art book Dis-ease and with visual artist Paddy Lennon, resulting in a limited edition book of poetry and paintings, Blood Horses, from Caesura Press. Her latest collection, Carnivorous was published by Doire Press, Spring 2019. Her poetry has received many awards and in 2019, Moyra received a Major Artist Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Her new collection, Bone House, was published by Doire Press in April 2021 and she is currently working on a new commission with artist Jasper McKinney MBE.

Moyra is on Twitter at

Follow Moyra on her website is

Champion Things

Champion Things, Belfast based Wordcore outfit, release new album, “Deep Within the Slum Kitchen”

The new Champion Things album, “Deep Within the Slum Kitchen”, is now available to purchase on Bandcamp. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Vic Bronzini Fulton at Earth Music Studios in Belfast during April, May and June of 2021 and is the 4th album in 2 years.

Champion Things are a Belfast based group based around Gordon Hewitt who writes spoken word narratives which are then added to with various forms of groove based music. The music on the new album was produced by Hewitt on guitar and Bronzini Fulton who added, bass, guitar, keyboards, synths and drum patterns. The hand drummer, Thomas Annang, originally from Ghana, contributes two tracks to the album and plays on a bonus track as does bass player Michael McKinney.

The themes of the narratives on this album are a continuation of Hewitt’s investigation into viruses and pandemics and how people are impacted in different ways by viral outbreaks, heard on last year’s “Isle of plagues” album. From people who work for farming journals, to women living in slums in India to characters based in Belfast, the narratives are a reminder of how lives are affected in a myriad of different ways when major global events like the pandemic emerge.

“I try to find stories which are beyond the standard narrative regarding the reporting the situation of the pandemic. Whereas the last album concentrated on more general themes, where viruses come from, how they spread, the situation inside hospitals, the role of lawyers and funeral directors, this album concentrates on people who are slightly outside the immediate impact and some who try to profit from a difficult situation. Musically there is a lot more electronic sounds on this album and a lot slower and less jazz influenced grooves but we haven’t given away that unique Champion Things sound.”

Champion Things and their albums are available now on Bandcamp

They are on Twitter at

Follow them on Facebook at

The Monthly

Click on The Monthy from the Community Arts Partnership in Northern Ireland to find out what’s happening in Culture with a focus on Spoken Word and Poetry every month, edited by Champion Things frontman Gorgon Hewitt

The Monthly

Tara Elliot

Tara A. Elliott’s poems have appeared in TAOS Journal of International Poetry & Art, The American Journal of Poetry, and Stirring, among others. A middle-grades English teacher, and the founder and director of Salisbury Poetry Week, she is a past poet-in-residence for Freeman Arts Pavilion and a fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA). She serves as president of the non-profit Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA), and co-chair of the annual Bay to Ocean Writers Conference.  A forthcoming poem, inspired by her former professor, Lucille Clifton will appear in the next issue of Gargoyle.

Tara is on Twitter at

Follow Tara via her website at

David L O’ Nan

David L O’Nan is the author of the poetry books New Disease Streets (November 2020) The Cartoon Diaries (2019) Taking Pictures in the Dark (February 2021) Our Fears in Tunnels (2021) The Famous Poetry Outlaws are Painting Walls and Whispers (2018) Lost Reflections (2021) all also available on Amazon.  His work has been published in Icefloe Press, Royal Rose Magazine, Truly U, Dark Marrow an offshoot of Rhythm & Bones Lit, Ghost City,  3 Moon Publishing, Elephants Never, Nymphs Publishing, Anti-Heroin Chic & more. He is a Best of the Net Nominee for 2021. Coming soon is his best of collection called “His Last Poetic Whispers” which will include poems published in litmags and some other poems previously published in his past books. He is the editor of Fevers of the Mind Press.

David is on Twitter at

Fevers of the Mind Press

Submission are currently open at Fevers of the Mind Press, created by poet David L O Nan. Right now they are accepting pieces for Fevers of the Mind anthology; Fevers 5, Fevers of the Mind Issue 6 as well as a follow up to Anthology to Avalanches in Poetry Writings and Art inspired by Lenard Cohen, the  submission period for the last one closes on September 1st.

Fevers of the Mind is currently running an interview series called Quick 9 which has spoken to wonderful poets and musicians such as Ken Stringfellow from the Posies, Ron Sexsmith, Frank Watkinson, U.S. National Beat Poet Laureate Ron Whitehead, Writer of Three Martinis at the Ritz (about Anne Sexton & Sylvia Plath) Gail Crowther, Anne Casey and many more. You can find the most recent interview here with Shaindel Beers

Follow Fevers of the Mind on Twitter at

Damien B Donnelly, Producer, Host and Poet

Damien B Donnelly returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam, working in the fashion industry as a pattern maker for various brands including Calvin Klein, & Other Stories, Pepe Jeans, Reiss and G-Star. His writing focuses on identity, fragility and connection. His interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get back up while baking delicious cakes. His work had been published in numerous journals online and in print including Black Bough Poetry, Barren Magazine, Anti Hereon Chic, Icefloe Press and The Bangor Literary Journal. His debut poetry pamphlet Eat the Storms, which was featured on the Poetry Book Society Winter List 2020/21 and his Stickleback micro collection Considering Canvases with Boys were both published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. His next collection with be a conversation pamphlet he co-wrote with fellow Irish poet Eilín de Paor called In the Jitterfritz of Neon. He is currently finishing his first full collection documenting his love affair with Paris called Enough!

He is on Twitter at and instagram at @damiboy

You can follow him and buy his Eat the Storms debut pamphlet and his Stickleback micro collection at is website

Backing music for Eat the Storms is from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music, with thanks…

You can find us on many platforms including Spotify and here is the link…

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