Eat the Storms – The Podcast Podcast – Episode 8 – Season 3

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This episode aired first on Saturday 28st August 2021. The guests were Ella Sanderson, Lennart Lundh, ‘S Reeson, David Butler and Sheena Bradley, produced and hosted by Damien B. Donnelly. Below are details and links to all the guest stars…

Ella Sanderson

Ella Frances Sanderson is a poet with High Functioning Asperger’s who has written a set of poems about Asperger’s titled A Window into Asperger’s. As a teenager, she performed poetry in many locations such as Chapel FM Radio and The Bronte Parsonage. She worked on the Stanza Stones project in conjunction with Simon Armitage and Ilkley Young Writers and performed at poetry on the Moor and in the Kings Hall, Ilkley. She has done several open mics, performed at DiVerse in Saltburn and was picked to perform in Newcastle as part of a BBC competition to find new voices in the North.  She won 1st prize in the Wharfedale Festival Poetry Competition. She was published in an anthology of poetry about the Moors in connection with the Stanza Stones Project with Simon Armitage and another a book about the Bronte Family for the Bronte Parsonage Museum.

You can find Ella on Twitter

Follow Ella via her Website at

For more information on the National Autistic Society

Lennart Lundh

Lennart Lundh is a poet, short-fictionist, historian, and photographer whose work, including twenty-three poetry titles, has appeared internationally since 1965. His most current books are two self-published volumes in the Poems Against Cancer annual series, which has raised funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation since 2014; Pictures, Postcards, Letters (Kelsay Books, 2020); and The River Singing (Workhorse Writers Press, 2019). Lennart books can be found at his Etsy and on Amason with links below.

Lennart is on Twitter at

You can find Lennart’s books on Etsy at

And on Amazon at

Lennart is on YouTube at

‘S Reeson

‘S Reeson [she/they] is 54, bisexual and married with two children: they have suffered anxiety for all of their life, and started telling stories as a ten-year-old in order to help them cope. Now, they write and record poetry, short stories and episodic fiction, whilst dissecting their unique creative process using both video and audio as the means to continue coping. A considerable lived experience of mental health issues, a passion for niche arts and media and an undimmed enthusiasm for environmentalism combine, to allow creativity to emerge, and new stories and projects to be created. They love to experiment and push creative boundaries, and gain a huge amount of motivation and inspiration from talking about both the journey and continued evolution as a creative. They enjoy living online, but also find great joy from lifting heavy weights, running and cycling in the meat-space.’

‘S Reeson is on Twitter at

For the latest on ‘S follow them at their website

David Bulter

David Bulter is a novelist, poet and playwright. The most recent of his three published novels, City of Dis (New Island), was shortlisted for the 2015 Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year. Doghouse Books brought out his first poetry collection, Via Crucis, in 2011, while a short-story collection, No Greater Love, was published in London by Ward Wood in 2013. In 2016 David received a Per Cent Literary Arts Commission to compose a poetry sequence for Blackrock Library. Literary prizes include the Fish International Award for his short story, the Scottish Community Drama, Cork Arts Theatre and British Theatre Challenge awards for drama, and the Ted McNulty, Brendan Kennelly and Poetry Ireland/Trocaire awards for poetry. David lives in Bray with wife and fellow author, Tanya Farrelly. His upcoming collection with Doire Press will be out in September called Liffey Sequence

His upcoming collection with Doire Press will be out in September called Liffey Sequence

David is on Twitter at

Read more of David’s word at Doire Press

Sheena Bradley

Sheena Bradley was born in a village called Straw, near Draperstown, County Derry, Northern Ireland, but has now lived longer in Nottingham than elsewhere.  She worked as a Radiologist in Lincolnshire for 22 years. Since retirement she has been writing, mostly poetry, really – anything except radiology reports. She completed an MA in Creative Writing with Trent Uni Nottingham (NTU) in late 2018. Over the past four years she has been published in the Indigo Dreams Publications – Reach, Dawntreader and Sarasvati, also in Orbis, AOITB, Poet’s Choice, Impspired and Dear Reader. Her first pamphlet Painting My Japan was published by Impspired in July 2021.

Sheena is on Twitter at

You can buy her collection Painting my Japan on Amazon but preferable to buy it directly via email at

Upcoming Events

Eat the Storms, my debut poetry pamphlet, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press, turns 1-year-old on 17th September 2021 and to celebrate I am hosting an evening of Poetry Prose and Friends on zoom starting at 7.30pm GMT with free tickets now available on Eventbrite via the link below. I am hoping this will be the first of many events of sharing voices as I couldn’t invite everyone to read on just one evening and besides, much better to have many parties instead of just one…

Damien B Donnelly, Producer, Host and Poet

Damien B Donnelly returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam, working in the fashion industry as a pattern maker for various brands including Calvin Klein, & Other Stories, Pepe Jeans, Reiss and G-Star. His writing focuses on identity, fragility and connection. His interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get back up while baking delicious cakes. His work had been published in numerous journals online and in print including Black Bough Poetry, Barren Magazine, Anti Hereon Chic, Icefloe Press and The Bangor Literary Journal. His debut poetry pamphlet Eat the Storms, which was featured on the Poetry Book Society Winter List 2020/21 and his Stickleback micro collection Considering Canvases with Boys were both published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press. His next collection with be a conversation pamphlet he co-wrote with fellow Irish poet Eilín de Paor called In the Jitterfritz of Neon. He is currently finishing his first full collection documenting his love affair with Paris called Enough!

He is on Twitter at and instagram at @damiboy

You can follow him and buy his Eat the Storms debut pamphlet and his Stickleback micro collection at is website

Backing music for Eat the Storms is from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music, with thanks…

You can find us on many platforms including Spotify and here is the link…

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